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Bird Lovers With Cameras

Random from Funny Poses Winner: pixellence2

Featuring Bird Photography from our
Colorful Birds Contest Winner, papatheo

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We will be happy to affiliate with any group who focuses on nature, animals and birds. Please do not send requests if your group accepts more general deviations.

Important Information

:bulletblue: Current Contest: Funny & Unusual Poses - Winners
:bulletblue: June Featured Deviations

Submission Guidelines
:bulletred: TWO photos per week.
:bulletred: Bird photography only. No photo manipulations.
:bulletred: Must show a basic level of competence.

Useful Blogs/Articles:
:bulletgreen: The Art of Critique by Fabiola Forns
:bulletgreen: Flight Photography by Alfred and Fabiola Forns
:bulletgreen: Informative Interview with Ryan Schain

Active Admin Staff:

:iconmydigitalmind: :icongarion: :icondeoroller: :iconcmac13: :iconjrd1st: :icondingodogphotography: :iconfurstripe: :iconptitenanette:

Funny and Unusual Poses Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 1:48 PM

Featuring our Contest Winners!

:trophy: First Place Winner
 Dsc1089 by pixellence2 by :iconpixellence2:

:points: 636 points or 3 month subscription from the Bird-Photography donation pool
A front page gallery feature on Bird-Photography
Deviation featured in our Monthly News Article for July

Second Place
Ulysses 20 by EdgedFeather by :iconedgedfeather:

:points: 396 points or 1 month subscription from the Bird-Photography donation pool
Deviation featured in our Monthly News Article for July

Third Place
My pink sunglasses by tl3319 by :icontl3319:

:points: 100 points from the Bird-Photography donation pool
Deviation featured in our Monthly News Article for July

Runners Up
   FEED ME!!! by Riphath by :iconriphath:
 Gulp by mydigitalmind by :iconmydigitalmind:  
Oh Hai by naomih91 by :iconnaomih91:  

Congratulations to all!
We did not have as many disqualifications during this contest, however, we did have entries who would have placed if they voted. Again, our first place winner would have won no matter what. Remember, If you enter our contest, you must participate fully by voting. This rule has been in place since our very first contest. Unfortunately, many votes went to waste.


Qualifying Entries

I'll Fix Up Your Feathers by DrNoVodka by :icondrnovodka: with 2 points
Ulysses 20 by EdgedFeather by :iconedgedfeather: with 37 points
Angry Bird by furstripe by :iconfurstripe: with 5 points
What the Heck . . . by JRd1st by :iconjrd1st: with 9 points
hummingbird owl 2 by Cmac13 by :iconcmac13:
The direct approach by Shadow-and-Flame-86 by :iconshadow-and-flame-86:
What's he doing? by Vishw by :iconvishw: with 9 points
Synchorized Swimming by Tako-Yakida by :icontako-yakida:
Gulp by mydigitalmind by :iconmydigitalmind: with 24 points
Dancing by crownvic4life by :iconcrownvic4life:
Corbett National Park017 by DebasishPhotos by :icondebasishphotos:
heh?!? by morho by :iconmorho: with 16 points
FEED ME!!! by Riphath by :iconriphath: with 25 points
Under the rain... by Kriloner by :iconkriloner: with 4 points
Say Cheese by DPaZZa by :icondpazza: with 10 points
Ailla - Common Kestrel - takeoff 2 by Steve-FraserUK by :iconsteve-fraseruk:
Another Crane by Hansmar by :iconhansmar: with 8 points
Penguin Polka by TheSleepyRabbit by :iconthesleepyrabbit: with 4 points
A harpy with quite a hairstyle by DeviantTeddine by :icondeviantteddine: with 3 points
Itchy head... by AlejandroCastillo by :iconalejandrocastillo:
Constant Intensity by papatheo by :iconpapatheo:
My Mo' Is Better Than Yours! by Honeycello-Kid by :iconhoneycello-kid:
Upside down by BazarDeLaNature by :iconbazardelanature:
Shake It by Momenti-Photo by :iconmomenti-photo:
120413 by kristianna11 by :iconkristianna11:
I'm Sexy and I Know It by FreyaPhotos by :iconfreyaphotos: with 9 points
VAMPIRE BUDGIE! by Windthin by :iconwindthin: with 4 points
vulture by netbandit by :iconnetbandit: with 3 points
Lick! by Glitter-Pie by :iconglitter-pie:
Parrots by Rebekka85 by :iconrebekka85:
Silly Bald Eagles by Maginater by :iconmaginater:
Mallard's washup (3) by starykocur by :iconstarykocur:
Swan Yoga by Lupsiberg by :iconlupsiberg:
Taking off by kiew1 by :iconkiew1:
Bath Time by KitKat-Photography by :iconkitkat-photography:
You're not a starling... by Howlecho by :iconhowlecho:
All fluffed up by OliverBPhotography by :iconoliverbphotography: with 8 points
Northern hawk-owl - Hey There by JestePhotography by :iconjestephotography: with 3 points
Hang in there by Tienna by :icontienna: with 2 points
What Are You Pointing At Me? by Guard-of-the-Citadel by :iconguard-of-the-citadel: with 3 points
Quacking Happy by BlightOwl by :iconblightowl: with 11 points
A Very Curious Seagull by SalemCat by :iconsalemcat:
Like my hat? by MaresaSinclair by :iconmaresasinclair:
Whatchu Talkin About by yurizemira by :iconyurizemira: with 3 points
Cuteness by Trigger-Photography by :icontrigger-photography:
Talk to me by Mogrianne by :iconmogrianne:
Delicate Preen by scarletdragon619 by :iconscarletdragon619:
Smile for the Camera by dseomn by :icondseomn:
My pink sunglasses by tl3319 by :icontl3319: with 34 points
More babies by iiduh by :iconiiduh: with 1 points
Oh Hai by naomih91 by :iconnaomih91: with 22 points
Let me see this by mnoruzi by :iconmnoruzi: with 17 points
MoveUrArse by RickDunlap2 by :iconrickdunlap2:
What You Lookin' at? by lonewolfpuppy by :iconlonewolfpuppy:
Please do not disturb by aswad-hajja by :iconaswad-hajja: with 2 points
What u lookin' at?! by Brandzai by :iconbrandzai:
Upsidedown you say?? by Onion-chutney by :icononion-chutney:
I am Big and Scary by MorrighanGW by :iconmorrighangw: with 4 points
Black-capped Chickadee by Chaotic-Chelly by :iconchaotic-chelly:
World Domination Will Be Mine Now Push The Button! by CRGPhotography by :iconcrgphotography:
Sleeping Mallard by WildernessMan by :iconwildernessman:
Laugh by AirborneKestrel by :iconairbornekestrel: with 3 points
Cygnet by linneaphoto by :iconlinneaphoto: with 1 points
Never go out without your parasol by plumita1 by :iconplumita1: with 4 points
 Dsc1089 by pixellence2 by :iconpixellence2: with 55 points

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